Make your own Band Webpage

How to create your own Webpage with free Software.

It is not Rocketscience to create a cool Band Webpage with WordPress. With some Hostingpartners it is just one click to install WordPress and a second click to Install a Theme.

On this Page we publish the best Band WordPress Themes.You can also use one of the free WordPress Themes you will find on

[features_box_red width=”75%” + border=”2px”]You can have your own Band Webpage in less than a Day and work from there on your branding, listbuilding and engage your Fans.[/features_box_red]

The first thing you need is a Hostingservice where you Host your Webpage. You can do it with almost every Hostingprovider and you can also use Free Hosting like

But have in Mind, if you like to have full control about your Site, you better have your own selfhosted Webpage. We recommend and we recommend you the Hostingproviders we and some of our Bands already using successfull.

We offer you 25% Off for Hosting with our Coupon just for be a Fan on our Facebookpage

When you have your Hosting you can just use one of the free Themes you find on WordPress, or you use one of our recommended Themes here on our Page. This Themes are made with the needs of Musicans in Mind and have some cool things inside your Page to sell your Music to your Fans.

When you installed your Theme you can personalize it with your own Logo and Graphics to make it unic to your Band.

If you need help, or don’t like to do the technical stuff yourself you can hire us to make it for you.

We can help you with everything from Hosting, install the Theme and customizing your Bandpage with your Graphics or we make you custom Webgraphics.

Jus let us know what you need. We help you to get a professional Webpage.

Band Page

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Band WordPress Page


If you like to do it yourself, but need a course how to make this WordPress Pages, i highly recommend this course:
Band WordPress Page

Band WordPress Page

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